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In Western Canada, a quality fume exhaust or fume extraction capture system is critical for many industries not only for the health and safety of your employees, but to maximize your bottom line. A properly designed and installed fume extractor capture system keeps your employees safe and healthy, as well as reducing your energy costs!

A quality fume extraction system begins with selecting the right equipment and sizing the system correctly. At VETS, not only are we a preferred supplier of major dust and fume exhaust manufacturers, our dedicated Dust/Fume specialists can work with you to design a system that’s right for your application.

System Design, Installation & Commissioning

Once the system is properly designed and approved using state of the art technology, our detailing department confirms field measurements and takes the time to create a proper 3D model of the system prior to fabrication. This process confirms requirements and increases accuracy both in the fabrication process and in the field. Once your fume extraction system is installed and has met all of our Quality Assurance checks, our in-house HVAC/R technicians will take the time to commission/start up the equipment.

Our United Team of dust collection and fume extraction specialists looks forward to serving you in any of the following areas:

  • Dust collection
  • Oil mist filtration
  • Vehicle exhaust system
  • Bag house filtration
  • Cartridge filtration
  • Portable dust collectors
  • Down draft table
  • Filters & parts
  • Emergency vehicle response systems
  • Exhaust arms
  • Exhaust hoods
  • Laboratory exhaust


System Design, Manufacturing & Installation

The success of upgrading or implementing a dust control strategy in any facility starts with an efficient design, followed by craftsman-quality fabrication and expert installation, all the while recognizing that ‘the devil’s in the details’.

Dust Control System Assessments

Simply having a dust collection system installed is not enough to ensure a safe and efficient facility forever. Dust collection system assessments are recommended to ensure your system and its components are working as intended

Service Repairs & Rebuilds

Implementing dust control in your facility should include regular maintenance and inspections to ensure less wear and tear on your system.


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Fume Extraction Products

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