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Over the years VETS Sheet Metal has developed a strong team of Professional Engineers and E.I.Ts with a specialty in industrial ventilation and HVAC system design as it relates specifically to dust collection and dust containment. Our Engineering team focuses solely on the relevant aspects of a dust and industrial ventilation and  HVAC system design for our customers while working hand in hand with our knowledgeable senior project managers, shop fabrication teams and field installation crews. This teamwork and knowledge creates a true, holistic dust control process in-house. Early in our dust collection fabrication, service and installation experience we learned that if a dust control or containment system is not designed effectively, the effort and funds to fix the problem after fabrication and installation can be staggering. Our engineering team takes pride in developing creative, code compliant solutions.

Beginning with a discovery process, the Engineering team explores the scope of the project and articulates how they can offer support with a detailed proposal. It could begin with coordinating an explosion severity dust test for a site’s by-product dust to establish explosivity and then move on to complete, cohesive dust system design. Or the engineering team can work with our project managers and customers to create and complete a schedule of site specific Dust Hazard Assessments to facilitate NFPA compliance. The team is also highly experienced in troubleshooting on behalf of customers or their consultants – not every HVAC company or engineering firm comes to the table with the years of practical and theoretical knowledge of the team at VETS. 

Our engineering team would be happy to hear about your next project and explore how we can help.

Partnership Perspective: A Collaborative Approach

The VETS team believes in a partnership perspective approach to projects – unique in the construction industry. Collectively we are interested in collaboration – our best relationships and most efficient projects happen when we’re able to collaborate with cooperative customers early in the timeline of a project especially when complex processes or hazardous dust or materials are involved. In our experience we produce our best work when the teams are able to come together early and often to share pertinent information. 


System Design, Manufacturing & Installation

The success of upgrading or implementing a dust control strategy in any facility starts with an efficient design, followed by craftsman-quality fabrication and expert installation, all the while recognizing that ‘the devil’s in the details’.

Dust Control System Assessments

Simply having a dust collection system installed is not enough to ensure a safe and efficient facility forever. Dust collection system assessments are recommended to ensure your system and its components are working as intended.

Service Repairs & Rebuilds

Implementing dust control in your facility should include regular maintenance and inspections to ensure less wear and tear on your system.


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